The Seeds of Blossoming Brown Tears

Deciding to move forward with Blossoming Brown Tears was a really big decision for me. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea; I’d been consistently writing black power poems while planning what I wanted to publish in 2020. Once the thought entered my head, it never left, and I kept asking why not? I have another collection of poetry I’ve been working on for years because of how quickly my craft improves; I also knew I couldn’t put together a full-length collection in time (I decided this in October).

As of right now, Blossoming Brown Tears has around 60-65 poems, most new, some of them dating back to high school.

This book has had almost a dozen titles and half-a-dozen covers before I settled on one. The cover and title are perfect and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

This collection is more personal than I originally thought as well. It consists of odes, letters, and even rant-like poems. It touches every aspect of being black—police brutality, slavery, colorism, jazz music, the Civil Rights Movement, Afro-Latinx culture, the black fraternity, and more.

I took my brown tears and blossomed them into a poetry collection.

Blossoming Brown Tears is on sale February 11, 2020 and you can preorder by clicking here.

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