Five Easy Ways to Start Helping the Earth

We don’t have a lot of time before climate change is going to ruin just about everything. Left and right are people yelling “help the Earth!” and “save the Earth!” There are dozens of ways to help out Mother Nature and almost everyone either has asked or are asking themselves: where do I start?

Below, I am giving you five super easy steps to start your journey in saving the Earth!

  1. Carry a water bottle

Water bottles make up a large amount of plastic waste on our Earth. By making a quick swap, you can save dozens of them ending up in our oceans. You can head to the dollar store and grab one! Toss one in your backpack or purse every time you leave the house. And if you run out of water, there is a very high chance one of the surrounding restaurants/bars/pubs/smoothie shop, etc. with employees who will gladly fill you up! I would recommend not buying a plastic reusable bottle for two reasons: I learned in my eighth-grade science class that when plastic heats, it releases toxins and chemicals into your water. It doesn’t matter if it gets cool again. And two: plastic is the devil. Also, if you often don’t want to carry a water bottle, there are collapsible cups!

This one is one three dollars!

This one is eleven!

This one is fifteen!

There is even a collapsible water bottle for twenty-five dollars!

2. Reusable bags

This reasoning is very similar to the ones stated above. I know people often use plastic bags to pick up dog waste and collect trash for small bins. However, all you need to do is order and buy compostable bags for those things. People often ignore this step because they don’t want to spend money on bags/have financial issues, but plastic bags aren’t used in Europe and it even costs money for a paper bag. It is certainly doable.

I like to use collapsible bags because they’re easy to throw in my backpack or purse. They especially come in handy when I end up buying things on a day I hadn’t anticipated to! Another link here.

3. Bamboo toothbrushes

Plastic toothbrushes? No, thank you! Instead, use compostable, bamboo ones! They work just the same!

A pack of three.

A pack of ten.

4. Seek out glass instead of plastic

When you’re at the store, be conscious of what’s in your bag. Is everything in plastic? Is there a way to avoid it? That’s the key question. Is there a way to avoid the plastic? The answer is almost always yes! The next time you’re at the grocery store, glance into your cart. Take a couple of minutes to backtrack and see if there are any glass containers instead of plastic.

There are two fifth options for readers: the carnivores and the vegetarians/vegans. If you’re a carnivore and want to partake in the second suggestion, you’re a rockstar!

5A. (Carnivores) Buy less meat & buy your meat locally

There are a multitude of ways that eating meat hurts the environment. One of the ways is the travel. The transporting of meat to markets contributes to the carbon emissions in our atmosphere. Eating less and locally helps reduce that!

5B. Recycled paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper.

Buying these items made out of recycled materials blatantly helps the earth and often costs less. What I do is use cut up t-shirts and towels to use as paper towels and napkins. I set some aside for cleaning and the others aside for eating. This is an easy switch in your buying habits to help save the Earth!

Happy saving!

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