Authors Who Inspire Me

No matter what field or industry you’re in, there are always certain people who motivate or inspire you to get back to work! There are some writers who motivate me through their actions/social media presence, their beautiful prose, or both! I have a list of five authors below who, almost every time I come across them or their work, I’m slapped and told to keep striving toward my idea of success.

  1. Alexandra Bracken

Both Bracken’s writing and social media presence picks me right up! Her prose is a perfect amount of description and it flows naturally. I have a second copy of her novel Passenger simply to highlight and make notes about her writing!

On Instagram, she has such a gorgeous aesthetic and we all know that aesthetic is key to motivation. It gets us in the mood!

2. Renée Ahdieh

Ahdieh’s prose in The Wrath & The Dawn sometimes literally makes me put the book down to let the words marinate. It is one of the most beautifully written enemies-to-lovers novels I have ever read. It makes me feel all the emotions at once. Her writing in this novel is extremely lyrical and is the epitome of words as art.

3. Markus Zusak

I’m including Zusak because of his writing in The Book Thief. Upon beginning this book years ago, I was, and still am, tired of novels in Nazi Germany. However, this is a very beautiful book. Zusak’s prose in this book is mystical, dark, and enticing. To simply think about this book and its writing gives me a skill to strive toward in my own work.

4. Louisa May Alcott

I will admit, it took me months to finish Little Women. It’s one of my favorite classics, but it’s long! Alcott’s writing in this book oftentimes left me doggy-earing the page when I didn’t have a highlighter handy. It is not on every page, but there are many times where her prose left me rereading the line simply to savor its beauty.

5. Victoria or V.E. Schwab

I’ve tried relentlessly to enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic, but I just couldn’t get into it. I did, however, love the This Savage Song duology. It left me in the most intense book hangover ever! Schwab’s social media presence constantly reminds me of the impact it has on marketing. I never would have picked up her books if it wasn’t for social media.

She gets real. She’s honest. She shares her processes and even the days she’s feeling down.

Social media wise, she inspires me more than anyone else. Schwab is fierce. She’s tough. If I’m scrolling through Instagram avoiding work, whenever she pops up it’s just a reminder to get back to it. There’s no doubt in my mind she’s one of the best writers in the game.

Who inspires you?

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