Releasing My Book’s Information

It has been a day–and it’s not quite in the “oh my goodness, it’s a career-changing day,” especially when the result is like breathing on the embers of my career. It hasn’t quite taken hold of a flame yet.

I started forming my Little Women retelling about a year ago–and now I have a release date and a cover (unannounced). That is highly unusual for a book! I can’t tell you what possessed me to come to this decision or why I thought it would be a good idea. But I’ll make it work–and I’ll make it work well because I’ve never wanted something as bad as this.

It was a pretty anticlimactic afternoon, as I partially expected, and it’s just a hint of how tough the next year will be. There is still much to do and I love the March family and Little Writer enough to ensure its success.

The cover and release date of Little Writer will be announced in early 2022.

Josephine March is known as the black sheep of her family. As the second eldest of four sisters who adore being feminine, Jo is satisfied being the “boyish” sister, like shortening her name, doing strictly what she pleases, and making her voice heard even when she shouldn’t. Her undeniable skill as a writer is her biggest contribution to her family, but she often fears it isn’t enough.

This retelling of Little Women shows Jo March in a way you’ve never seen her. As the first in the series of Marmee’s Girls, Little Writer digs deep into Jo’s point of view and shines a light on the small corners Louisa May Alcott alludes to, but never touches. Marmee’s Girls is a more personal account of this beloved family and is more representative of the communities we highlight today.

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