What is arthropology?

Arthropology (noun)

the study of humanity through books, nature, and art

Arthropology is a made up term that captures all of my passions in a single field. After developing my priorities to capture my image, I discovered the core of my interests: humanity.

I explore complex relationships between living beings with my writing.

I explore the delicate yet imperative relationships between humans and nature through my fervent care and study of plants.

I explore the possibilities of imagination through portraying reality and fantasy through watercolor and digital art.

My underlying interest in anthropology throughout my life is what inspired this field. I cannot talk about arthropology without describing its root.

Anthropology (noun)

the study of human societies and cultures and their development

How do I become an arthropologist?

It’s easy! All you have to do is study relationships through every cultural and artistic lens you can think of. Although documenting these forms is imperative to the field, the most important aspect is experience. Having conversations about different perspectives and dynamics is the driving force. After all, it’s stemmed from anthropology. Arthropology is a merely a more artistic and personal approach. It is recommended to document through writing (be it essays, poems, or fiction stories), art (the medium is up to the arthropologist), and learning about plants and how they impact humans.

(Note: use the hashtag #arthropology on social media to connect with other arthropologists!)