Josephine March is Black

A lot of people who have read the famous tale Little Women by Louisa May Alcott experienced the novel for the first time during their childhood. I …Josephine March is Black

The Orange in the Wall

My blog for both writing and art has moved to I wrote about an art piece of mine titled The Orange in the Wall that is available for purchase on my Etsy! Head on over! The Orange in the Wall

What You Can Expect From My ‘Little Women’ Retelling

My book Little Writer can sit on your bookshelf on November 1, 2022. This historical novel is entirely from Jo's perspective, which means we'll be missing out on some chapters and scenes from the original book. We won't be going to the Moffats with Meg nor will we read about her domestic experiences when she… Continue reading What You Can Expect From My ‘Little Women’ Retelling

LITTLE WRITER Cover Reveal and the Opening Lines!

Drumroll, please... I could not keep count of how many versions of this cover there were. Cover design is such a delicate form of art; a mere inch could make or break it and what you love to pieces one minute, you could detest an hour later. When it's a cover of your own work,… Continue reading LITTLE WRITER Cover Reveal and the Opening Lines!

On the Hill Studios Grand Opening!

I opened an Etsy shop! A couple of years ago, I had a short-lived Etsy shop where I was still understanding and developing my art style. Now fast forward a couple of years where I have so much art stacked up in my studio that desperately needs a home. An available painting for $15 I… Continue reading On the Hill Studios Grand Opening!