Editing Services

Is your completed manuscript ready for an editor’s eye? Let’s get started!

For short story editing services, scroll to the bottom!


The simplest form of editing! I will dive into your book and correct the following:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Inconsistent tense (past vs present)
  • Clunky word/paragraph arrangements
  • Incorrect manuscript formatting

Rate: $0.0035 per word.

Line Editing

Line edits are a bit more refined than proofreading! While this service does inherently include proofreading, you can also expect help in these areas:

  • Unclear sentence structure
  • Ensuring your tone/voice matches the message and ambiance you’re trying to convey
  • Pacing suggestions
  • Tightening prose

Rate: $0.0040 per word.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing puts in the elbow grease. It’s a “crack your knuckles and get to typing” kind of editing. This includes everything proofreading and line editing does, and then some. Like:

  • Plot structure help
  • Overall message/big picture
  • Chapter analysis/scene flow
  • Ensuring you stay angled toward your genre/ target audience

Rate: $0.0065 per word.

My prices are insanely low for the industry standard!

For a flat addition of $30.00, I will include sensitivity reading in the following areas:

Race (African, European, and Hispanic descent)




Why choose me?

I have been a published writer since I was sixteen years old. I wrote for an online magazine and published a poetry collection. I have a BA in English from Baruch College and was taught by successful and award-winning writers. In December of 2020, I founded and became the editor-in-chief of an online magazine that reaches hundreds of people with every release. I personally work with writers to edit their pieces with each issue.

Not every writer makes a good editor. It requires a certain outlook and approach! I understand how daunting it is to put your writing in the hands of another. I vow to take care of your book. Positive reinforcement is extremely important in an editor-writer relationship and I will make sure it remains strong throughout our work together.

I’m aware that not every writer-editor relationship will always work out. Therefore, you can send me the first 1,000 words of your story. I will provide you some feedback and you can determine whether we will be a good fit, free of charge!

Short story editing:

I would love to edit your short story! For fiction of any genre up to 8,000 words, the rate is $0.0050 per word.

Still not convinced I should be your editor? Hear what another has to say!

“Working with Marina was very easy. She was always respectful of making sure my writing voice was heard while correcting my grammar and clearing up any confusion my readers would’ve had. I thought my writing was very straightforward, but Marina kindly pointed out where my readers would struggle and gave great suggestions as to how to fix these areas. She has a masterful grasp on grammar as well, and taught me so much I’ve been going through my other writings to see what is lacking! I would gladly work with Marina again in the future and hope to do so again.”

— Ari M.

“Marina was professional and timely in her responses at every step of the process and her feedback on my story was thoughtful and constructive. My manuscript is unquestionably stronger for her insights.”

— E.J. Wenstrom

Let’s work together!