Why Did I Self-Publish?

Writing poetry is a form of healing for me. When there is a knot of apprehension or anxiety weighing my stomach down, I turn to poetry to release it. It helps me form my wild emotions into words and pinpoint what exactly is causing me pain.

Since middle school, I knew that writing was destined to consume my world entirely. I’ve learned through time that both writing and teaching share equal spots in my heart. However, writing novels is my career goal. The idea of working in a career that doesn’t include being an established author is utterly terrifying.

As for poetry, it is healing. I long to publish my poetry because I want others to know that they are not alone and I share some of their pain. I wish the same with my novels, but it is my ultimate goal to make novels a career. Poetry is purely a connection with members of society. That is why I’ve decided to self-publish.

Blossoming Brown Tears release Tuesday (eek!) and feel free to preorder here.

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