What You Can Expect From My ‘Little Women’ Retelling

My book Little Writer can sit on your bookshelf on November 1, 2022. This historical novel is entirely from Jo’s perspective, which means we’ll be missing out on some chapters and scenes from the original book. We won’t be going to the Moffats with Meg nor will we read about her domestic experiences when she fails at making jam or buys expensive fabric that she truly shouldn’t be buying.

There are plenty of scenes that have all four sisters together. Like many families, Louisa May Alcott’s had vastly different personalities. Therefore, the Little Women characters have varying insights into one moment. A chapter can read as a single event, but what reads as a single event is actually four different ones. Beth, who usually sits off to the side quietly, witnesses much more than Jo and her bull-in-a-china-shop personality. Amy will notice less as she concerns herself with being the most well-behaved, pristine girl in the room as Meg watches over her sisters dutifully and searches for places in which she can be a beneficial older sister.

In Little Writer, you can expect plenty of human errors. Jo is nowhere near perfect (not that anyone is!). She’s headstrong, passionate, tender-hearted (and hates herself for it), and can be a little arrogant and selfish.

Jo is learning her ways and she knows it. Every scene and chapter in Little Writer is through her interpretation–and it might vastly differ from her sisters’ perspectives.

Above all, you can expect the exploration of love in this book–in every sense of the word.

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